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We are now a California granted 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission of preserving the original teachings of the Heavenly Essence Qigong lineage developed by Grandmaster Zhang, creating a community of health and spiritual awareness and wellness, reviving ancient Chinese culture, providing education on Heavenly Essence Qigong for life preservation and Te Yi Medical Qigong for healing . Please support us in our vision of benefiting the world. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

To make a donation, you can either send a check to Heavenly Essence Qigong Institute, 2831 E St, Eureka, CA95501 or use the Paypal button below.



 Heavenly Essence Qigong Institute (HEQI) is aimed to:

Preserve Heavenly Essence Qigong lineage
Revive ancient Chinese Culture
Create a community of awareness and wellness
Provide education on Heavenly Essence Qigong for life preservation and Te Yi Medical Qigong for healing 

Translation Project

Heavenly Essence Qigong has more than 15 volumes of original teachings in Chinese by the Grandmaster.  Our work of translation will allow us to preserve this lineage and provide training manuals of the original teachings.


Te Yi Medical Qigong Clinic

Te Yi Clinic will be provided by the Heavenly Essence Qigong students who have received minimum of Level 1 Part III – Te Yi Medical Qigong as a Te Yi student practitioner free of charge or by a Te Yi certified practitioner  with a suggested donation.


Community Qigong Classes

Build a community of awareness and wellness

1. Online Zoom Practice Meeting Room, mainly run by volunteers of certified instructors, will provide all HEQ students in training an ongoing practice platform and community support.                                                                                                                                                                       Prerequisite training: Level 1 Part I Life Preservation Qigong


Advanced Heavenly Essence Qigong Training


Founder Bio

Bio of  Founder

Dr. Liping Zhu, DAOM, L.Ac., founder of Qi Dragon Healing Center and the Heavenly Essence Qigong Institute received her Qigong master level training in China and is a certified instructor. She has received direct transmission and is a disciple of both the Heavenly Essence Qigong lineage and Tai Yi Swimming Dragon Gong Sect.

Master Zhu has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Taichi and Qigong. She is the Qigong Professor at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2010, she became a Shuso in the Soto Zen tradition after a 10-year residency at the San Francisco Zen Center. Master Zhu is also an acupuncturist licensed in California and nationally.

About Heavenly Essence Qigong


Qigong (Chi Kung) 气功, widely known for its healing effects and spiritual empowerment, combines movement, meditation, and breathing to regulate and enhance the flow of the body’s vital energy.  Heavenly Essence Qigong® was developed by Grandmaster Zhang in 1987 in China and brought to the west by Master Liping Zhu.  The system integrates the essence of the Daoist Qigong, Medical Qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Martial Qigong and Confucian Qigong and is one of the most comprehensive Qigong systems available.

Xuan Ji Tu

Heavenly Essence Qigong emphasizes In-the-world Cultivation Methods (入世修炼法) and inspires the dual cultivation of both the body and the mind (性命双修). The complete system also includes teachings on Daoist alchemical practices of Microcosmic Orbit (Xiao Zhou Tian), Macrocosmic Orbit (Da Zhou Tian), Embryonic Breathing (Tai Xi), Internal Elixir (Nei Dan) and Spiritual Enlightenment Meditation Methods.

Disclaimer: Heavenly Essence Qigong is a registered  trademark.  Please note that Heavenly Essence Qigong is not related to Essence Qigong.


Please email us at info@HEqigong.org for more information.